Dunwich Coastguards

The 13th Century port of Dunwich, with its six churches lies at the bottom of the sea and today all that is left is a small hamlet with around 100 people. Legend has it that on a quiet night you can still hear the sounds of the church bells as they ring out under the sea.

The only church that stands here today is a 19th Century one beside the chapel of the ruined leper hospital and the remains of the 13th Century Priory.

Dunwich is still being claimed by the sea, the cliffs constantly giving way and sending yet another piece of land tumbling to the beach below.

Westleton Heath (often referred to as Dunwich Heath) is situated 2 miles to the south of Dunwich. Beautiful purple heathers and yellow gorse bushes. Wildlife reserve which also borders on the RSPB’s Minsmere nature reserve. The heath is operated by the National Trust and holiday cottages, restaurant and shop are situated in the old Coastguard Cottages.

Things to Do

Dunwich Museum
Dunwich Museum

Visit the Dunwich Museum, before it too is claimed by the sea. An excellent history of the town, including a model of Dunwich in the 12th Century and the history over 1500 years. Also includes interactive displays, tales of smuggling and information on local wildlife. Admission is free (donations always welcome).

Walk along the beach and look for fossils (or maybe bones), warning Do Not Climb the Cliffs it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Eat Fresh Fish and Chips within sight of the sea at one of the finest fish restaurants in East Anglia.

Take a walk on Dunwich Heath.