Chelmsford is the County town of Essex and famous for being the birthplace of radio. Just 30 miles north east of London, Chelmsford it is a perfect location for visitor and resident being ideally situated for commuters and holidaymakers. Chelmsford offers a perfect blend, from the bustling town centre with it’s wide range of shopping and eating facilities to tranquil villages and unspoilt countryside, just a short distance away.
A Little History
The Romans built a town here, and called it Caesaromagus (or Caesar’s market place). When the Romans left the town all but vanished.

It was in the Middle Ages that the Chelmsford that we see today started to develop. At the time of the Domesday Book (1086) the land on the site of the modern town centre belonged to the Bishop of London. Bishop Maurice built a bridge across the River Can and as a result traffic which used to travel through Writtle was now diverted through Chelmsford. In 1199, Bishop William obtained a charter from the king allowing the bishop the right to hold a weekly market near the bridge.

Chelmsford continued to grow, it was in a good position being on such a busy road and was also home to a leather and wool industry. At the start of the 19th Century the population of the town was around 3,000 by the end of the Century this had increased four-fold.

In 1899 Marconi opened the worldÕs first radio factory, in Chelmsford.