Today it is hard to imagine that Walberswick until the start of World War I was a thriving port trading in corn, bacon, timber and fish. Now Walberswick’s claim to fame is that it is the venue for The British Open Crabbing Championship. One Sunday during each summer the banks and bridges are packed with scores of children (of all ages) with buckets, string and rotting fish in an attempt to catch the biggest or most crabs.

Half the buildings in Walberswick nowadays are holiday homes and it is no wonder that the place is so popular with tourists, locals and daytrippers. An area of protected outstanding national beauty it boasts over a thousand acres of heath, marshland and coastline ideal for walks and nature lovers.

The town of Southwold is several miles away by road but accessible via a footbridge across the River Blyth, during the summer months you can also take the small ferry.

Walberswick offers two pubs, restaurants and tea rooms.