Delightful little town on the River Stour. Many of the houses with exceptional partgeting. Among the best are Nethergate and White House. In the church is a 17th Century gallery pew and the heraldic glass in the East window is of the same period.

town of clare

Much of Clare’s history can be found at the Ancient House Museum at 26 High Street, Clare. Housed in a 15th Century, Grade 1 listed building exhibition of local history and photographs of Clare. (more details on our Museum page under Sudbury).

The nearby villages of Cavendish (3 miles to the East) and Stoke-by-Clare (2 miles to the South West) are both attractive and well-worth a visit. The first for it’s colour-washed cottages around the church, it’s Regency Hall and Tudor chimneyed Blacklands Hall. The second village for its lovely 15th Century pulpit and the Queen Anne House (now a school) that incoporates part of a Benedictine Monastery.

aerial view of clare
View of Clare taken from the castle mound.